Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unexpected day off...

While I was at work yesterday, the HR chick came by to sign up one of my co-workers for his benefits. While she was there she let him know that he was out of dress code. He was wearing jean shorts and a polo shirt... but it wasn't a "logo" shirt (i.e. didn't have the logo of the company on it). I was also told a few days ago that if I was going to wear jeans that I also needed to have a logo shirt on. Sure, no problem. When she went by my desk yesterday she commented on how nice I looked (I was wearing some nice capri slacks, a tank with a short-sleeve sweater over the top and heeled sandals).

So today I was wearing the same slacks, a nice shirt and the same sandals. I was setting up at work getting ready for the day when my boss (from now on to be known as AssHat) came over and told me that I needed to go home because I was out of dress code.

Huh? Excuse me?

So according to AssHat, I need to be wearing a logo shirt every day. After all, if I worked at Subway I would be required to wear a Subway shirt, wouldn't I? (his words, not mine). Pardon me if I missed the memo, but I wasn't aware that I was working at a fast food franchise. He also informed me that he got his ass chewed out by said HR lady for not keeping his employees in dress code. So I said fine, please get me a shirt then. He informed me that he didn't have keys to that particular room and that I would have to wait until Monday. OK... I guess they don't trust him with much, do they? And keep in mind, this is the guy who, up until a month ago, was General Manager of all of the dealerships. I guess he got demoted because he was caught sleeping with the owners mistress (the same HR chick who complemented me on my outfit).

Confused yet? So was I. But basically what it boiled down to is that I get an extra day off. Hooray for me!!

What I don't understand is this... if you really did get your ass chewed, why wouldn't you then call your people together and make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding dress code? I mean, I've worn the exact same types of outfits for the month that I've worked there and not one word has been said to me until today. And, if I do really need a logo shirt, why didn't you inform me of that when I could actually get my hands on one? What are you? 10? Do managerial skills so allude you that this didn't cross your mind?

Mind blowing to say the least.

But, I have used this unexpected day off wisely (so far)... I have gotten laundry under control and I went riding this afternoon. Farmer is on his way back from Portland and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him tonight and tomorrow.

All in all, not a bad development...

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