Monday, December 28, 2009

Just like old times...

So, I talked with Farmer tonight by phone. I hadn't spoken to him in a while and I thought I would see what he was up to. And what he was up to was his old self... and man, have I missed that!!

It really was just like old times... laughing, joking and ribbing each other. We were actually able to laugh and joke about our relationship... His take being that we should have just cut to the sex and left the rest of it out of the mix. Let's see, how did he put it? Oh yes... Just leave your pants at the door. That sentiment made me laugh so hard there were actual tears...

I mean, yes. It was rough... often he felt like he was being BBQ'ed anytime he opened his mouth. I'm hoping it wasn't quite that bad... but we were pretty far apart on a lot of things. And this trait that I find so endearing in a friend drove me completely nuts as his girlfriend. Ah, well... it was worth a try. I will never regret giving it a go... and I don't think he will either (with more counseling and possibly some shock treatment).

The most important part is this: we are still very good friends. The thing that mattered most stayed in tact...

Now, as I sit here I wonder if Wulfe is having the same kind of conversation with his ex? Their situation is a little different. He broke up with her (for good reasons that I won't get into) and she immediately went out and got a new boyfriend. Then a month later she got engaged... Yeah, I know... I had that same thought. A little quick, don't ya think?

For Wulfe it was just too much. He broke off contact and decided to let things heal before pursuing that friendship again. Smart move, if you ask me...  Anyway, as we were sitting over dinner this past weekend, I just got the impression that she was going to reach out to him again. And, lo and behold, not an hour later there she was showing up in a text. He decided to meet her tonight and wrap up that unfinished business and offer friendship if she was interested. Never an easy thing to do... especially when his mind is on someone else.

Hopefully it's going OK for him. I know for me and Farmer things are back to the way they were... and that alone is worth celebrating.

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