Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free lawnmower to a good home...

If he doesn't stay put this time.

Yes, that's right. Elmo was out again on Monday when I went to go feed (he had used his sizable girth to bend the fence down and get out). And then again yesterday.

Neighbors pissed. Mower pissed. Me pissed. Elmo happy to be able to graze wherever he felt like...

So yesterday I caught him and then tied him to a tree. Problem solved. OK, not really... although it was very tempting to just leave him there. I'm sure Mower would have applauded that decision. The rest of the animal loving world, not so much.

So today I took the morning off from work and completely reconfigured the pasture. I was using the existing (hahahaha) fence for 3 sides and then using hot tape for the 4th side. When I went to look at the "existing" fence, I saw that it (in actuality) was not actually there. Like nothing. No fence at all. Just big blackberry bushes... which will hold in Flash and Aspen, but not Frank the Tank. Or Elmo. Or whatever curse word I'm using for his name that day.

So, I decided that I would just use the hot tape around the whole thing up to the barn and corral area. It took a while and it was very damp. By the time I was done I was covered in mud and soaking wet... but I did it. Success.

Now, if that doesn't hold him I'm just going to tie him to the tree. Permanently...


  1. Once they figure out they can get out, they certainly will until you do put up something that will put a stop to it. Hot tape should do it, although I hope you tested it after you got it all installed. He will most likely also test it for you :)

    I had a stallion that would stay behind a single strand of not-hot smooth wire, and then I've had a gelding, on the other end of the spectrum, that would put his neck through the railing on a panel and lift it up, off the hinges, move the panel wide enough to open it, then go to the outside fence and squeeze between fence and the water tank (which involved having to walk through with his front, then turn with his front, walk through with his back and then turn the other way with his front to get his big butt through). Some horses are perfectly content to stay home...others, not so much.

  2. Saw you over on Fugly and came to explore. This entry cracked me up. Hope you find a permanent solution.