Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How do you know? Ya know?

Had an interesting statement made to me the other day...

I was chatting with a friend and I asked him if he was dating. He mentioned that he had a "sort-of" girlfriend. Sort-of? What's that? Either you do, or you don't... right? But unbeknownst to me, there are apparently shades of gray.

I had no idea. I thought you either had a girlfriend or you didn't. Who knew?

Anyway, so I asked for an explanation of a "sort-of" girlfriend. He said that she was nice and that they had fun together (and have been having fun for the past 3 years) but that she wasn't the one. Wait. 3 years? Yup, you heard me right... 3 years. And not the one.

Of course, me being me, I had to ask why she wasn't the one. And how did he know she wasn't the one? Maybe she is and he just doesn't know it...

Basically what it came down to was this: she's just not that smart. Nothing to stimulate the intellectual side of his brain. But, the rest of his brain is doing just fine, thank you. Hence the 3 years, I would imagine...

But, of course, this got me to thinking about the big picture. How do you know when you've met the "right one"? And what is that, exactly? Do they come with bells and whistles and announce themselves accordingly? Boy, that sure would make things easier. Because I know that in the past I thought I had found the right one when it turns out it was a false alarm. They are sneaky that way...

I know that with RR I seem to have found a pretty good thing. I'm getting the best of all worlds, I think...

Cute and smart?      Check
Funny?                    Most of the time (best you can hope for, really)
Communicative?     Check
Photogenic?            When he doesn't crouch down like Dorf
Sensitive?                Oh yeah
Giving?                   Very
Has a good butt?     DEFINITELY

I think I've covered all the major items. He seems to meet the criteria pretty well, thus far.

Maybe someday down the road he'll get the "the one" label. Who knows? It could happen...


  1. Bryce and I are sort of dating. We were engaged and shit went sour. We broke up. We dated other people. Now we're living together and having fun together and probably getting a puppy together, but aren't actually dating. We've been 'together' for five years next month. LOL.

  2. Holy shit. Seriously? Not dating, but living together? You are crazy!! LOL

  3. Your friend is wasting that girl's time...3 years! This post makes me mad. I bet he's not honest with her.

  4. Actually, he is very upfront with her. She chooses to stay, so she must get something out of it, as well...

  5. I think he is the one only if he also thinks hes the one. Not something to be rushed as you know.