Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's unprecidented...

My taxes are done. I know!! I'm as shocked as you are. Trust me.

The best part? I get a refund. And because I have been audited for all the years they can audit, I am free and clear and get to keep my refund.

(shocked gasp)

It's not much... a few hundred bucks. But it'll be the start to a savings account. I haven't had one of those since early last year. And even though I will continue to live paycheck to paycheck, I at least will have some sort of safety net to rely on now.

Plus, I gotta start saving for my sis's wedding. BooBoo and her hbf got engaged over Christmas and are now trying to decide where they should have their wedding. A few ideas were San Diego, Tahoe, a Caribbean Cruise (my personal favorite), Thailand... you get the idea. I wonder which one they will decide on? No matter where they go, it will be so exciting to see my sis get married!!

Can't wait. For my refund and the wedding...