Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something stinks around here...

And it's not my dishes.

OK, it's not just my dishes.

As I have previously mentioned I now live in a duplex. And I've been having issues with a few things... namely the water heater. When I take a shower, I don't like to rush. I want to have time to stand around and bask under the hot (very hot) water. Is that too much to ask?

Lately my showers have been averaging around 10 minutes. This is barely enough time to wash my hair... let alone condition it. Not to mention that there is body washing and shaving to be done. Sheesh. I need more time!!

So last night RR came over to check the elements to see if they were working. He went outside to the breaker box and started flipping switches because, of course, nothing is actually marked. That would be too easy. So, in the process of throwing switches on my breaker box, my neighbor opened up her kitchen window and informed us that we had turned off her kitchen lights and appliances.

Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly? Are you telling me that I'm paying the electric bill for your kitchen?

But wait... it gets better.

She then also informed me that she doesn't have a hot water heater in her half of the duplex. We share one. That I also pay for. Holy shit. That is not right!!

There is about to be a "come to Jesus" meeting with the landlord... who we will now be referring to as CACL (CheapAssCrazyLandlord). Did he think I wouldn't find out? But it does explain a few things...

I now know why my electric bill for 16 days was over $70. And I also now know why he flipped out on the return message when I had called to find out where the breaker box was (since it wasn't immediately apparent). He knows I know about landlord tenant laws. And it's not going to end well for him if this doesn't end up with a reduction of my rent or making things right or both. I am not paying for someone else's use of electricity... especially now that they've hiked up the rates by 14%.

And the other thing that is really pissing me off (that started the whole breaker box incident) is that every time I use my dryer it trips the breaker it is on. So, you just know that it's not wired to actually, you know, run a dryer. That's going to get fixed ASAP too. If I have start breaking kneecaps it will be done.

Let's see... do I know anyone that breaks kneecaps? I'm sure I do. Hey, Farmer... want some contract work?

Well, at least the gas fireplace works and heats the house really well.

Plus Queen Daisy loves it. 
If she could crawl into the fire I think she would...

Hopefully I can get this all straightened out fairly quickly. I will try the "nice guy" approach first and see how that goes.
If CACL knows what's good for him, he'll get this sorted out quickly. The sooner the better...


  1. I would be FURIOUS. Are you kidding??? It's like living with my old crazy roommate. I payed more for my half of utilities with her than Bryce and I pay TOTAL on his HOUSE. She was ridiculous.

  2. Yeah... it's pretty bad. My good friend Ally pays $120 TOTAL in the winter for a house that is 3X as big as my duplex. Something's gonna have to change because I can't afford that...

  3. Knee caps is all you want? Lol Hmmm maybe you should look for something else... you did say these two landlords did know each other well...

  4. I was threatening last night to rip off protruding parts of the landlord's body but RR thought that was being a bit harsh, so I downgraded to kneecap breaking...