Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

When I was in high school, I went to the guidance counselor to get guidance. Silly me, this is not what they actually do. Instead they ask you stupid questions... such as what would you for a job if you were just working for fun?

Well, first of all, I wouldn't be working. Duh. I think that one is obvious.

But whatever. Let's play along, anyway... So, if I had a sugar daddy (sorry RR, a sugar daddy you are not) what would I do with all my leisure time? Well, in my mind my life would look something like this:

1. Get up. This would be an 2 hour process that would involve a masseuse. Can't rush these things, you know.
2. I would then head down to the kitchen to have breakfast that my personal chef had made.
3. Time to go and see the personal trainer... because I would be fit and in excellent shape.
4. By that time, my personal dog-walker would be back with the dogs and we would head down to the immaculately cleaned barn to visit my very expensive and very pampered horses. They would be fed, watered, stalls cleaned (not by me, of course) and not a spot of mud or poo anywhere upon there shiny coats. I would pull out a horse and begin to tack up to ride. I would have an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, thousands of acres of trails and pasture and of course my property would back up to forest service land so I could ride out into the mountains anytime I desire. I would also have a very expensive truck and trailer to go anywhere I so desire.
5. After riding it's time to head back to the house for lunch from my personal chef... something delicious, as always.
6. Then I'd be back down at the barn to ride some more.
7. Then I'd be back at the house to dress for an expensive din-din out with my boy-toy (here's where you come in, RR) since my sugar daddy is too old and too feeble to get out of bed.
8. Then it's back to the masseuse for the before-bed massage.

Hmmm... seems like a nice life. I need to start playing the lottery...


  1. Ok... I have to admit I had a wonderful laugh about this one
    When I collect my millions after winning I'll be sure to save you a million

  2. Thanks... I'll be eagerly awaiting it :)