Friday, February 24, 2012

Alarm clocks...

I have several types of alarm clocks to help me get up in the morning.

I have the standard one that came on my iPhone. It's pleasant enough, goes off at 6:30am (never later and never sooner), wakes me up gently and is easy to turn off. All things I find important in an alarm clock.

I also have the canine version of this same contraption. However, I'm not such a fan of this version. It's not very pleasant because it's whining and shaking it's dog tags, it goes off anywhere between 5am and 7am (and never the same time every day), it jars me out of my sleep quite rudely and there is no off button. Needless to say, I am not a fan...

Are you up yet?

What about now?

Still not up yet. Should I whine louder?

And as bad as they are, they are not nearly as bad as the horses. As soon as Storm or Flash sees movement in the house (be it me or the dogs) they start hollering about breakfast. In their opinion, any time I waste on oh, I don't know, putting on clothes and boots, is a waste of time in their opinion.

Feed me. Now.

I seriously need to start considering training all of these pains in my butt about a little thing called "the weekend". Sleeping in once in a while would be nice.

Happy Friday, all. Enjoy your weekend...


  1. As an old farmer once told me, "The cows don't know it's Sunday."

  2. You know you love the variables required for all your critters