Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you believe?

I posted a question to Facebook the other day that got some interesting responses...

Do you believe in true love?

I used to. Unequivocally. Absolutely.

Now? I'm just not sure. I really thought I had found it with Rebel. We had everything I could want. Chemistry? Check. Compatibility? Check. Fun? Check, check, check. I always imagined my true love as someone who I could do grow old with and always and forever enjoy being around them. And they around me.

But we had that and for him it wasn't enough. He wanted the "butterflies" feeling and I never provided that. However, to me the "butterflies" thing speaks more to lust than of love. That feeling is fleeting in my experience and then what are you left with?

Damn this relationship stuff is hard.

I guess true love is both people finding exactly what they are looking for. Regardless of what that is...


  1. I am just the opposite. I had given up on love and thought that people just eventually settled. I'm just starting to believe again. *hugs*

  2. It changes with age. What we think is love at 19 is different than what we think is love at 39, just wait till your 58..

  3. I am 35 and have decided that the "butterflies" feeling is damned near bullshit. Its lust, sexual attraction, the "OMG take me NOW". One of my friends pointed out long ago that a slow burn lasted longer than an intense inferno...
    Me, I will take comfort and compatibility any day.

  4. Totally how I feel Yvettel. Wish he had figured it out... *sigh*