Monday, February 20, 2012

Seize the day (or the weekend)...

So, having put the past firmly behind me (Rebel included) I decided my theme for this weekend was Seize The Day.

Good theme, don't ya think?

So, on Friday night I met up with HillBill, Bow, Jewel, Haynet and Gold and knocked back a few. After that I went to see the movie "This Means War". I loved it. How can you go wrong with Chris Pine?


Man, I loved him in StarTrek too.


OK, moving on.

On Saturday morning, I met up with Hutch and Bow and we took the horses out for a ride at the Tumalo Reservoir. It was a nice (but cold) day. And a fun ride...

That's me in the back. Does Flash look like a Yeti is riding him?

I will admit, I was a tad bundled up. That's Hutch riding Anna ahead of us.

After the ride, I met up with PT for our usual Saturday night Scotch and Sushi. We decided to diversify a little and go to the symphony as well. For a volunteer, small-town symphony I quite enjoyed it.

On Sunday, Bow and I helped Jewel move to her new place. Boy, is it nice. I'm kinda jealous. Later that day I went out for a 10 mile ride on Flash. We found some new trails which were awesome. And we came across a few other people out riding, as well.

View from the new trail...

A random wreath and snow man out in the middle of nowhere...

PT from the weekend before. Just thought I'd throw it in there...

On Sunday night I met up with friends and had dinner at the Bend Burger Company. It was so yummy in my tummy. By the time I went to bed last night I was totally pooped. It was a good weekend, but a very full one.

Hopefully today won't be too bad of a Monday. I'm not quite sure I'm awake yet...


  1. Huh, you liked Bend Burger? I've tried them twice and didn't think it was anything special. JC's just up the road has way better burgers and they're just a bar.

  2. I did really like it. My last experience with JC's didn't end well (got sick) and so I haven't been back. But that was also back in 2005 :) Might be time to try it again...