Monday, September 7, 2009

Pet peeve...

"Do what you gotta do"

Those words are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I was trying to explain why I hate them so much to Farmer this morning, but I'm not sure that I was really getting through. Or that I was making sense. But, I've had time to marinade the thought and I think I have pin-pointed why that particular statement is so offensive. So here goes...

1. It sounds like a blow-off. I kind of touched upon this thought this morning, but I'm hoping to elaborate. Basically to me that translates to: I don't give a rat's ass what you're up to, just don't involve me.... or something like that. I guess I'm not really explaining it any better than I did this morning but it still comes across like that.

2. It sounds like there is no support behind whatever decision was just made. It's like the person saying it is saying: fine. go ahead. I don't like what you're doing but I suppose I can't stop you either. Not the best way to portray support, IMO.

I guess I feel like I am going to do what I have to do. That's kind of the point of life, is it not? I don't need you telling me to do what I need to do... it's redundant. It's a lame way out of a conversation and it seems to be the go-to statement for men... It's the equal to when a woman says "I'm fine" with her arms crossed and steam coming out of her ears.

OK... enough on that, I suppose. Venting has been had and I'm feeling better about it :) Had a good Sunday with my sis who will be leaving soon for SE Asia. I'll be heading up to Portland again this coming Sunday to see her one last time before her plane leaves (that is what prompted Farmer to say the offending statement this morning).

So, have a good labor day everyone. I'm at work until 5pm... after that I hope to spend a little time with Farmer, but we shall see. He's been swamped lately. But don't worry about me...

I'm fine :)


  1. Yeah, what you said. Ditto all of it.

  2. But I could say that about all of your posts! I share most of your feelings about life and relationships.