Thursday, September 3, 2009


So, my sister is leaving for SE Asia in 2 weeks.... she'll be gone for 6 months. Holy crap. Can't believe it's here already.

Anyway, she is back in Portland and I've been working my super crazy schedule so I haven't had time to get to Portland to visit her before she goes. So Mom and Booty decided to visit me and Farmer instead. They came up on Tuesday night and left this morning. It was a quick visit but I was so glad to be able to spend time and visit with them yesterday.

The jury is still out on how Farmer was feeling about the invasion. He did everything he could to make it go smooth and help me out with getting stuff ready for their visit. He's so good that way. Couldn't ask for a better guy.

Anyway, we did some fun stuff yesterday. I took them out for a quick horseback ride. We went shopping and had lunch at the Olive Garden (one of my personal favorites). I took them out to the feedlot where Farmer gave them a tour of the operation. We invited Farmer's dad and Hoofer over for a BBQ of salmon and chicken (the salmon was some that FD (farmer's dad) had caught up in Alaska last year). It was delicious and a lot of fun. My fam enjoyed themselves and I think so did everyone else.

All in all, a dang good day.

Sis... I will miss you!! Please take care of yourself while you're out in the big blue yonder...

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