Monday, June 1, 2009

Now hear this...

A new radio station just started up here in the Portland, OR area. The premise is: the boss got drunk and is now missing, so the peons have taken over the station and are playing what they want to hear.... late 70's, 80's and early 90's rock. It's like an extended high school flashback and I'm loving it!!

But, that's not my point. The point is this: in damn near every song, these hard core rockers are wailing about how they want someone to love and to love them back (not in that exact language, but that's the general gist). I am part of the generation that grew up listening to this music... the men I'm dating (or trying to date) grew up listening to this music... why are they all such flakes now? How did they miss the memo? It is not about just getting laid... any moron can do that (trust me). It's about making connections that matter and having someone who is as madly in love with you as you are with them. The rockers know... why don't you?

Boys, let me give you some pointers... because in my very limited experience here in the last few weeks, YOU NEED IT!!

A) It IS a good idea to make the first move. Really.
B) Compliments are a GOOD thing. Use them to your advantage. Nothing makes a girl feel better than when she is aware of how you are feeling about her. This will get you serious brownie points (and possibly much further if you play your cards right).
C) If you are not into someone, just tell them. Makes your life and mine so much easier.
D) Feel free to just be yourself. Nothing is more sexy... trust me on this one!! Plus, you really don't want to put something else out there only to have them find out that is not who you really are. Those games are for dating in your 20's... now is the time to be real (bonus points for those of you still in your 20's that have already figured this out).

I swear there is a "man handbook" out there that has led many astray. Put the handbook down and step away from the table.

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