Thursday, June 4, 2009

The universe is speaking...

Before I was divorced and before I was living in Idaho, I lived in Central Oregon (around the Bend area). I loved it there. It is the perfect place for someone like me... there are tons of places to ride my horses (and outdoor activities abound) and there are great restaurants. Add in the fact that you can find good live music about any night of the week, and my life is made. I was VERY sad when my then-hub was transferred to BFI (butt-f*** Idaho).

So, when I saw a job advertised in Bend, I was on it. I sent my resume right away... and shockingly enough, I heard back from them right away as well. I did a phone interview which went very well. They asked me to come down to Bend for an interview, which was yesterday. After almost 4 hours meeting with multiple people (and many buckets of sweat later) I left feeling like I had made a good impression.

Today I got an email saying that I had made it through the first round and they would be setting up the second round of interviews. It's not in the bag, but I'm feeling pretty good about what I have to offer this company.

This makes me feel pretty good... finally the universe is speaking to me again. So, keep your fingers crossed... I know mine are.

In the meantime, I plan on spending some time with some friends and my horses.

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