Saturday, June 6, 2009

Surprise, surprise...

My good friend (who is male) is VERY insulted over one comment I made in the "man-rules" previous post. His bitch? That I said any moron could get laid... he begged to differ. Well, actually he was wondering if he wasn't getting laid because he wasn't a moron. I explained to him that you have to put in the effort.

He lives in a very small community... however that is no excuse. If he wanted to, he could go down to the local bar and chat a chick up and take her home tonight.

But, that isn't what he wants. He wants what we all want... something meaningful, not just a diversion. And thus, he's still single. I did explain to him that he was cutting his chances significantly by living in such a rural area, but he did make a good point. He has chosen this lifestyle... the person who he ends up with needs to choose this lifestyle as well. Otherwise, what's the point? And what a good point it is.

After all, he's put himself in the same position I have. He may never find what he's looking for... but at least the possibility is there. And he's doing it by being what he wants to be. How many of us can say that? I'm not sure that I can at this point.

There is a song by FrouFrou that has a line in it that I find very interesting.... "there is beauty in the breakdown". If you really think about it, the best part of life is when we really let go and start living in the moment.

Easy to say, very hard to do.


  1. Its hard too when you're young and people tell you to live it up while you can. It makes me cringe when I think I'm not out and about getting to know people and finding a potential date. I'm 18 for heavens sake, I should be dating like crazy!!

  2. You're only 18... you're not at critical mass yet. Just relax and enjoy!!