Monday, December 13, 2010

Couldn't have been worse timing...

So, I moved this weekend. In a torrential down-pour. Of course. Oh, and my period started... which meant lots of cramps and not a very happy me. Poor Bff and Railroad. They had to put up with my sorry ass...

But, it all got done. And now I am in the new place and just loving it. Except for the fact that nothing has a home yet and I can't find anything... oh well.

I also heard from CPSL this weekend wondering if I was out. He indicated that he might have someone ready to move in before the 20th and would that be OK with me? Um, hell ya!! That's an extra $20 per day for every day ahead of the 20th. I'm hoping that if that's the case that I might actually get my deposit back. Railroad is convinced that CPSL is terrified of me. Good. That might make things in that department go smoothly... for once.

I also heard from Ex-hub this weekend. He interviewed for a job in Colorado for a Sports Director position with a radio station and he got the job. He's leaving Oregon on the 26th. I'm very happy for him and hope he enjoys it as much as I think he will... Which means, our things will finally be divided for once and all. Feels a little weird to have no more ties to him. But I'm sure he'll keep in touch. At least, I hope he does... does that make me crazy?

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