Monday, December 6, 2010

No tears. No drama. No fun...

Yesterday my parents decided to drive down to the coast to take me to lunch for my birthday. Yeah, I know. They are a few months late. But, better late than never I always say. Especially when it involves lunch at Kyllo's and I'm not buying...

Railroad also took the opportunity to celebrate my "birthday" by bringing me beautiful carnations (my 2nd favorite flower) in a very cool glass vase. He also gave me this very cool bubble gun that lights up and shoots bubbles everywhere. The dogs decided it was the devil and ran and hid from the floating objects emanating from the devil's machine. But I liked it. And, of course, will use it to torment the pups...

So, while the parentals were here I took that opportunity to introduce them to the the new SO. Always interesting and slightly awkward. But all seemed to go well... with no strange looks from either side of the table. Success!! However, later flip-flop was asking me all kinds of questions that I really didn't have the answers to. Hmmmm... time for some serious Q & A. I need to get to the bottom of such things... But, all in good time, I'm sure.

I also showed the parentals the new place... and they liked it. El Dub deemed it worthy of putting the computer in hock for.

Then it was time to head out to the beach again. After all, it was a decent day with very little wind blowing...

There were quite a few people out surfing.
They are crazy, if you ask me...

But I'm told that the water off the Oregon coast is actually warmer at this time of year. I won't be testing that theory any time soon...

Hey, mom... Do I have sand on my face?

Did I get it all off?

Will someone please throw the ball so I can tackle the marshmallow?

All in all, it was a lovely day with no hysterics or drama to speak of. However, in a few weeks the whole fam dam will be in town and it will be time for Railroad to run that gauntlet... hope he's ready. I'll make sure he has his flak jacket and helmet ready to go...


  1. Just read through your entire blog. As a "30-something" single myself, I can relate to a lot of what you've been going through! Unlike you, I have pretty much given up on the idea of love and dating (too much stress in other aspects of my life to worry about that). Good luck to you with RR :-) Oh, and more pictures of the Ay-rabs (from a fellow Ay-rab lover)!!

    Krazy Cindy

  2. Ooooooo... I love my Ay-rabs... Except destructo 'Mo is getting on my nerves. LOL

    I'm hoping other stresses in your life clear up so you can once again think about the possibility of love :) Good luck!!

  3. do you surf?? cute dog there :)


  4. No surfing as of yet... on my agenda to give it a go :)