Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fencing, I damn thee to hell...

OK, I love it here at the coast up until the time I go to feed the equine. Then I hate it. With a passion. The wind, rain, salt and wind (wait, did I say that twice?) make it hard to keep stuff working and upright...

Last night when Railroad and I arrived at the pasture we were met with horsies on the wrong side of the fence. Again. Only this time it wasn't the hot tape fence that was the issue (yet). We had a huge windstorm yesterday which blew down the fence with the gate attached to it. When we finally got lights working again (because the fence had taken those out) we discovered that the fence posts were completely rotted out. Oh goody...

So railroad grabbed some tools and we ended up bracketing the fence to the barn itself. So, for now, problem fixed. Although, when Mower gets back from Vietnam those posts are going to have to be replaced. They are a total loss.

Then this morning I ended up getting up really late. I called Railroad to see if he could run up and feed for me since I had an 8:30am meeting and was just barely going to make it. When I got out of the meeting and called him, he informed me that Elmo was out again and that the fence charger was no longer among the living... But being the awesome bf that he is, he had hooked up the alternate charger and would look at the other one to see if it could be fixed. If I had been there I would have given him a big kiss.

But seriously, this is getting to the point where I just want to board. Too bad I don't have an extra $350 a month. *sigh*

I really miss having the horses on the same piece of property that I reside on. It was so much easier that way.

My goal is to be a land/home owner again someday. I'm just hoping that someday isn't like 40 years from now...


  1. Glad they didn't go anywhere or get hurt. How frustrating.

  2. Fence chargers HATE moisture of any kind. Oh, was Elmo easy to catch? ForRR?

  3. No catching needed, just let him know he wasn't in trouble and it was time to EAT!

  4. If you have food, Elmo is your best friend and the easiest horse on the planet to catch :) Well done, babe!!