Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm here, screeching belts and all...

So, part II of "the wettest move ever 2010" continued yesterday. Well, actually it began a few days ago when I finally decided I had open up the truck and see how bad it was. Keep in mind that I hadn't been in it since I got back from the Idaho move, which ended in September. Typically I will drive my truck at least once a week to haul down to the beach to ride. However, since returning from that hellacious trip I haven't had the money to fill up the truck again. So it has sat. And sat. And sat.

And molded... apparently.

When I first opened up the door, my nose was assaulted with the smell of decaying horse hair that had molded. Oh yum. What a crappy way to find out that the truck isn't all that watertight.

So I did what anyone in my position would do... I Fabreezed the crap out of it and then ran like hell. I wasn't sure what mixing those 2 smells would produce, but I didn't want to stick around to find out.

The next day, when I opened it back up again I was pleasantly surprised. Fabreeze lives up to it's billing. The truck actually smelled like sweaty horse again... with a hint of Mango. I packed up the truck and hit the road.

First I made a pit-stop at the Parental's to have a spa day with Flip-flop. For Christmas I had gotten a gift certificate to Kohl's, plus $10 in Kohl's cash so I wanted to do a little shopping. But before that El Dub, Flip-flop and I went to Chevy's for lunch... where I proceeded to eat them out of every fajita shell in the joint (dang those things are good) and then we went shopping. Of course nothing fit because I was hauling around an extra 10 pounds in fajita shells.

I was, however, able to model some of the latest fashions in eye-wear...

Flip-flop took one look at this very stylish fashion statement and promptly peed her pants laughing. Thanks, mom. 

After shopping, it was pedicure time. 

My toes are now dressed to party for New Year's Eve...

A close-up of the fine artistry that now graces my big toes...

After all that, it was time to head to Eastern Oregon and to Farmer's. All day it had been snowing on and off so I was a little worried about my late departure time (it was around 4pm by then) and the fact that I might get caught up in traffic or weather-related messes. 

However, the trip went smoothly except for one little thing... the belts on my truck. They screeched the whole way here. And I mean SCREEEEEEEEEECHED. I finally had to put on my headphones and crank up my iPod to drown out the noise. And then, towards the end, every time I engaged my clutch the "check engine" light would come on. Great... what the hell does that mean? 

I'm hoping Farmer can take a look at my sickly beast before I head back to the Coast. But for now, I don't need to go anywhere so it's fine. In fact, today will be devoted to sorting through the storage unit (otherwise known as my camper) and packing up the stuff that will be heading back home with me. Ex-hub already stopped by on Monday and grabbed what he could on his trek out to Colorado... now it's my turn. 

What I'm most excited about dragging home is the washer and dryer. I have been dragging my laundry around with me every time I visit anyone because I refuse to go to a laundry-mat. Call me crazy, but the people I usually see at those places remind me why I don't do random visits to the local jail...

So the order of the day is: breakfast, frappé, putting on every piece of clothing I brought with me (I think it's like 18º here) and then out to the camper to sort. Wish me luck...


  1. "... smelled like sweaty horse again... with a hint of Mango."
    {I Love You.}