Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More company than I was hoping for...

I am so glad to be back living in the country. It's quiet. It's dark at night. I don't have to listen to my crazy neighbors doing stupid things...

However, there is one thing about living way out yonder that I hate... and that's the daily visitors to my shower. I don't know why it is that I can't take a shower in peace without some 8-legged arachnid deciding they need to see what I'm up to.

My shower is very small. There's barely enough room for me and my shampoo bottle. And, as you know, I like to maintain at least a 2 foot minimum distance from all spiders and creepy-crawlies. So far that 2 foot minimum distance has been violated with every shower I've taken in my new abode.

Not cool.

Not cool at all.

It really gets my morning off to a rough start when I jump out of the shower and run around the house dripping wet screaming like a little girl...


  1. At least it gets your ass moving and out of the shower, unlike a lady I know visiting my home! :)

  2. Well, it does get my heart rate up, that's for sure...