Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving is expensive...

Just in case any of you were thinking about moving let me just remind you that it's EXPENSIVE. Oh, I'll be fine financially come next week, but until then things are a tad lean.

I was planning on heading back to the coast to visit but that plan is scrapped... not just because of finances but also because I need to keep an eye on the new acquisition. He seems pretty happy to just stuff his face 24/7 with grass. I think I'll start him on a bit of grain and such too.

I'll be hauling Flash in to have his teeth done and when I do, I think I'll take Goodwin in and just have them give him the once-over to make sure there's nothing I'm missing before winter settles in here.

Slightly off-topic, but I'm curious what some of you think...

If a horse starves to death, is it the caretakers fault or the owner? Or both?

IMO, the owner is mostly at fault. But who can watch a horse starve to death and die of thirst and not do anything? The second the owner started being an asshat I would call ASPCA and have the situation monitored. If I couldn't afford to feed them myself, I would see who would be able to help out. And I would hold that owner responsible. Same if the caretaker is just taking your money (as an owner) and not giving your horse the care you're paying for. I think with the economic times and the droughts going on in different parts of the country, we'll be seeing more horrible starvation cases.

Goodwin had best remember how lucky he got and not be a pain in my butt. Just sayin'... :)

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