Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OK, technically this day kinda started last night.

So, I was having a rough day yesterday. Cramps like you wouldn't believe, incredibly moody and emotional (see previous post) and just generally not feeling too hot. Nice.

Around 1pm I thought about getting up and going outside to check on Flash. I had put him in a new pasture and was thinking that I needed to see how he was doing. Instead I laid in bed and proceeded to curse my uterus and left ovary for causing me so many aches and pains. Oh and I hit the meds hard. Nice.

So later on in the day I did eventually wander outside to watch Farmer loading up the truck. He is gone for the next 2 days running around all over tarnation looking at equipment near the Canadian border and then dropping off a four-wheeler to a friend down in Portland to a friend and then heading home (I miss him, BTW). So, while he was roping down stuff on the truck I was looking at Flash in the pen. Normally, when I'm hanging by the fence he will wander over and say hi. But this time he just stood there and looked at me. He didn't seem to be in distress, so I wasn't super concerned.

I took the trash down to the end of the drive and on the way back decided to go to the other side of the pen and see what he was doing over there. As I looked over the fence I saw a cut down the inside of his back leg and LOTS of blood. I took off for the house to grab some shoes (I was in flip-flops) and told Farmer what was happening. We both took off like a shot to the pasture. I got Flash haltered and out onto the lawn so we could hose off the leg and take a look. At about this time, Hoofer pulled into the drive and he proceeded to take a look as well. We all decided that it was looking kind of deep and probably needed to be checked out by the vet. I hooked up the trailer and pulled around to the front so we could get Flash loaded.

I told Farmer that he didn't need to come along since it was most likely going to be a late night and he was planning on leaving at around 4am. But being the incredibly great boyfriend that he was he just looked at me, told me he was coming and asked me if I would like him to drive. If I wasn't in love with him before... I sure was at that moment. I couldn't have asked for anything more, it was exactly what I needed... moral support.

We got to the vet's and he decides to lay him down in an outer pen. The problem was, Flash was having none of it. That vet gave that horse enough drugs to put down half our herd, but Flash just wasn't all the way under and kept thrashing when the vet tried to put in sutures. So, we had to give up for the night on that front and just wrap it. Just as the vet got the bandage done up, Flash tried to get up but he was so drugged out that he kept flailing and falling and crashing into the fence. It was very hard to watch. It took damn near everything I had to keep it together. What I wanted to do was cry... what I did instead was just try to talk soothing to him and try to keep him calm. Eventually he made it to his feet (about a 1/2 hour before any normal horse would have been) and started to come out of it. We decided to leave him in the pen for the night and the vet would take a look at it again in the morning. Nice.

So, we get home and go to bed. Farmer was able to get to sleep. I catnapped all night. I just wasn't able to really get to sleep. Before I knew it, Farmer's alarm was going off and it was time for him to head out. So, he got going down the road. I got up for a little bit and then decided to go back to bed and try to get a couple of hours of sleep. I did manage to nap on and off until around 7:30am. At that time I got up, went into the other bedroom to round up some clothes and proceeded to get on with my day. I didn't worry about letting the dogs out because they had been out with Farmer at 4am. I brushed my hair and teeth and then went back into the other bedroom to get some socks. At this point I noticed that one of my dogs had had diarrhea... in my suitcase and all over my clothes. Nice.

And this is how my morning started...

I decided to leave it for the meantime and get myself to the vet's office and see what was happening there. When the vet pulled the bandage off, the skin had pulled back to such a point that sutures were not a very good option anymore. So, instead of 2 weeks of healing now I'm looking at daily bandage changes and 6 to 8 weeks before he's all healed up. Nice.

And then I got the vet bill... at that point I really did want to cry. $600 when it was all said and done. YIPE!! Let me just say that my finances are not in a position to pay for this bill right now. Farmer put it on his card but now I've got to figure out how to pay him back. Oh damn, the guilt for letting him pick that up... although I'm not sure what other choice I had. But still... I am a BAD girlfriend. And he is a GOOD boyfriend.

So, got Flash home and settled in the round pen that will be his home for the next month and a half and then came inside to deal with the poop fest that is my suitcase. When I went to the bathroom I noticed that my period had started and that I had another mess to clean up. Nice.

So, got myself cleaned up and then went to deal with the suitcase... which is still in the process of being dealt with. I do have the first load of poop clothes going. Once I get the next load in I will take the suitcase outside and burn it... just kidding... but there will definitely be a super soaking like you wouldn't believe.

Oh yeah... did I mention it's like 100˚ here? Nice...

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