Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holy crap...

I am so not ready for this move.

For one thing, my poor VW bug hatch still looks like this:

The orange and blue bungie cord is not her color...

I still can't get the darn latch to, well, latch. Stoopid thing. And, I have no money to try to get it fixed. Every dollar I have will be going to this move. That is stress factor number 1. Stress factor number 2 is all the crap I need to do before I leave. This list looks like this:

1. Get an oil change on the truck. It needs it... bad.
2. Clean out the truck. This is a full day job on it's own. My truck is filthy and filled with horse stuff.
3. Stow the tailgate somewhere it won't be stolen... possibly here at work
4. Clean out the bed of the truck. It's gross.
5. Pack. Me, the dogs (to go stay with Coal) and the truck.
6. Change out the belts on the truck... hopefully with Farmer's help.
7. Remove everything out of the old dresser and trash it and prep for my dresser to arrive.
8. Clean my house. There is nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house when you've been gone for several days. This includes vacuuming and doing the dishes.
9. Locate my camper tie-downs. Without a tailgate those will come in handy.
10. Gas up.
11. Get magnetic lights for the trailer since the trailer lights are hit or miss when it comes to them actually working.
Most of this list has to happen tonight. Yipe!!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to be out of the office by 12ish. I'm hoping to have Flash loaded and on the road by 1ish. I have to make a pit stop in Salem for the lights. I'm hoping that I don't get pulled over before I get there. From there I'm hoping to be back on the road by 2:30ish and to Farmer's place by no later than 6pm so there is time to deal with the belts... assuming Farmer even has time for those. 

Yeah, I'm stressing out a bit. Wish me luck.

I'm taking my laptop with me so I'll try to keep you updated...

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