Monday, September 20, 2010

A weekend of contradictions...

How can you have a weekend that has both this:

Fabulous drag queens...

And this:

Trying to beat the trailer wiring into working... In the pouring rain...

I am as confused by this as you are.
It was just a crazy weekend all the way around... not helped by my hormones one bit.

On Friday night, I went with Howie to the clam bake (see previous post). On Saturday I headed to the state capital to pay my feed bill, look at some hay and meet a friend for a late breakfast/early lunch. I took the pups with me so Jonsie and I could take our dogs to the dog park for a romp after we ate. 

Everything was going well until we got to the dog park. When I popped the hatch of my VW bug to let the pups out it wouldn't relatch again. So Jonsie and I started looking at it and just then the sky opened up and starting pouring down on us. Not cool, universe... not cool at all.

So we stood there for a long time trying to get the latch to function again. The dogs got bored and wandered off to the park without us. And even after a thorough soaking, it still wasn't working. In fact my poor bug is looking very ghetto right now with the hatch bungied down. Sadness...

On Saturday night, Howie and I met up to do his make-up and then we headed out for the drag show. There were some amazing acts, and for a bunch of men they sure cleaned up well and had some very interesting outfits... how they tuck their junk to fit into some of those outfits is completely beyond me...

Check out how short some of those "skirts" are... holy crap!!

 These dresses aren't short, but the beards with the get-ups are a little disturbing...

Howie after his performance. He totally raked in the dough...

And adoring fans wanted his autograph... No one, however, wanted mine.

On Sunday morning I got the strangest phone call I have ever received. I got a friend request about a month ago from a guy (whom we'll call Desperate) that I went to HS with. He was a year behind me and although I vaguely remember him, I had no specific memories about him one way or the other. A few weeks ago, Desperate sent me a message over facebook saying that he wanted to get to know me better and could he have my number. I said, whatever and sent it along. Yesterday morning at 8:30am he called me.

He basically stated that he thought I was a beautiful woman and that he wanted to get to know me better and get into a relationship. And yeah, he said it pretty much like that. That blunt. 

I informed him that he was Arizona and that I was in Oregon and that I had no intention of doing the long distance dating thing. At least, not at that distance. The same state is a minimum requirement... or I'll consider closer parts of Washington. Arizona does not meet that criteria. 

He then asked me if I would be willing to move to Arizona. Um, no. I don't know you. You sure as hell don't know me. And when I explained this to him, he seemed not only confused but seriously put off by the fact that I wasn't just greeting his offer with wide-open arms. 

I told him that we could be friends and cultivate that and see if it ever went anywhere (which it wouldn't) but he then informed me that he wasn't really interested in that. He wanted to find someone to be in a relationship with and give his heart to.

At this point, I was seriously disturbed by the whole conversation. It almost seemed like he had a list of names and numbers and was just going down the list until someone said yes. It was so weird. At that point I hung up... then I went on fb and defriended him. I don't need people like that in my life.

After that crazy start to the morning, I went out and fiddled with the trunk latch some more. With the exact same result... it's still bungied and looking pretty white-trash. Where is McGuyver when I need him?

Then after that, it was time to work on the trailer. That was an exercise in frustration. Coal and I did figure out a few things in the 5 or 6 hours we worked on it. 1. The truck wiring is a little hinky. 2. The plug is wired, but not really correctly. But it's putting out power. 3. The trailer's wiring is a complete loss. Stuff was working, then wouldn't work, then would work again but differently than it did the first time. Basically there are shorts and no way to fix them since all the wiring is interior. And its a project for another time. 

For now, the solution is to just buy some of those magnetic tow lights and call it good. 

Now, if I can just get everything else ready to go. I'm feeling just a smidge overwhelmed at this point...

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