Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do as I say, not as I do...

I have noticed over the years how my animals start to take on traits that I have.

For instance, Flash and I used to be (and hope to be again) really into endurance racing. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically a 50 to 100 mile race that you do in a day. Lots of work. Lots of training...

After a few races, Flash decided that he loved race day but was totally not excited about the training that went with race day. He is, essentially, a lazy trainer. If any of you knew me in high school, that was my approach to all my sports. Give me less practices and more games, kthnx.

Now I've noticed that Noelle pretty much takes my approach to speed events as well. Unless there is a ball at the end of the run (Chuck-it® for her, soccer for me) we are not interested in displaying our full speed.

Less talk and more throw... kthnx.

If we're just walking out on the beach (no ball involved) Daisy can consistently run down Noelle at any time. You put a ball in play and Noelle lays her ears back and goes into supersonic mode... Daisy doesn't even bother trying to keep up. Not happening.

Why are you not moving ball?

Not only that, but she can keep going for hours... especially in this crappy, foggy, gray and crappy (did I mention that one already?) weather. She never gets hot. Sucks for me... and my arm. Daisy (way in the back) has given up at this point and is just waiting for the mind-numbing game to be over. Can't really blame her... 

Just after we got done here at the beach I went up to feed Flash and, once again, it was sunny up there.

Notice the giant wall of fog. I live in that... Ugh!

I'm hoping to find out this week if I get to rent that house next to Flash. I'm trying to send good thoughts out to the universe and hopefully they will say yes. Send good thoughts out for me too. I need all the help I can get...


  1. Love this post and your photos!! Thanks for the smile (tremendously needed).

  2. My pleasure :) I just wish the "pup" photos were sunny... oh well. I hear in September the fog finally clears off (of course I heard the same thing about August in July)