Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lost in translation...

This is the age of texting and chatting.

I'm not sorry about this feature, really. It has allowed me to reconnect (and keep in contact) with all of those who don't live in my immediate vicinity... which is pretty much everyone.

However, sometimes text or chat cannot convey what it is you are trying to say. Jokes fall flat, irony is missed, sarcasm is taken for seriousness. It can be confusing to navigate sometimes. And in my not-so-sane state (read that PMS'ing) I can take a very innocuous statement and turn it into the beginnings of WWIII.

I know. Hard to believe that I would do such a thing. But it happens.

Maybe there need to be emoticons for those type of statements?

Well, for jokes I guess there already is one... the smiley face :)
For sarcasm I guess the stick out your tongue is appropriate :P
Not sure what irony would be? Maybe :/
Flirty ;)
Sad :(
Pissed >:(

Too bad there isn't one for eye-rolling. I would find that very helpful... ah well, maybe that one will be soon to come. Or it's in the works and I just don't know about it yet? I rely on my younger sibs to keep me in the loop, but sometimes they fail miserably and I feel like a 40-something. Oh wait, I almost am a 40-something... *sigh*

OK. Moving on. Birthday is looming and I need to go back to my happy place...

My very happy place...

Where was I? Oh, yes. Sometimes what you are trying to say over chat or text just gets very confused and misconstrued. I guess I need to be a little more careful in how I word things and try not to be too sensitive when reading them. Perhaps not a bad guideline for everyday life, too...

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