Monday, August 16, 2010

We partied like it was 1990...

Well, the reunion has come and gone and I survived!!

Actually, truth be told, I had a good time. Friday night was an adult's only meet-and-greet type of deal at a pretty cool bar in downtown Portland. About 150 people showed up. Pictures were taken. In most of them I look like a complete idiot. Here are a few that made the cut...

Me and Bike

I'm sure you see me (tough to miss the fat arms)... but that is Wulfe on the left side there

It was an interesting experience seeing everyone 20 years later, for sure. The cool thing was is that our name tags had our Senior picture on it so you could compare then and now. People fell into 2 categories... they either looked exactly the same, or I had no idea who they were.

On Saturday there was a picnic where everyone could bring their families out. A lot of my fellow classmates were looking pretty hung over that morning... 

All in all, it was a ton of fun. Looks like they are trying to do something similar in December. I hope so. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and catch up again...


  1. Funny how fours beers creates a hangover...when I was in college four beers is what I had BEFORE I headed out

  2. Yeah... what is up with THAT? So long, 20's... 40's here we come.