Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Put the blog down and step away from the computer...

I'm wondering if my blog should have a breathalyzer-type thingy attached to the publish button? But instead of gauging the alcohol content it would gauge the mood... any mood darker than a navy blue would have an instant kill switch. Might save me some trouble and a possible intervention...

Yesterday was a down day... and maybe the bottom (I hope) of whatever it is that this is.

I scared the hell out of my poor mother... er, flip flop. She called me last night wondering if I needed to be committed to a mental institution STAT. I tried to reassure her that I didn't think I was in imminent need of electo-shock therapy, but I'm not sure she believed me. Although I did finally convince her that even though I had access to a loaded weapon and the ocean, I wasn't going to use either one to do anything stupid. That is just not my style. I would rather hang around, ad nauseum, and continue to make all of your lives miserable as well. I know... I'm just nice that way.

But, really... I'm doing OK. I think. I chatted with Mount for a while tonight and he had me laughing so hard I had milk coming out my nose. This is progress, yes?

However, I am fleeing the coast for the weekend. I need some sun, dammit. And since it doesn't look like the fog is going anywhere anytime soon, I guess it will be me that has to go instead.

The only question now is: where to go?

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