Friday, August 27, 2010

Maybe I should stuff him like a turkey...


Another week has gone by and another Friday has arrived. Yay!! But this also means I should be seeing improvement in Flash, which I really am not. He has a bit of a belly now, but other than that I don't see any improvement over his topline (i.e. his spine and hip bones are still too visable).

Per vets orders, I have switched him from the sweet feed to alfalfa pellets, which at first he was not too fond of. However, I have hit upon the magic combination again. He likes it with lots of rice bran (which is fine by me) and super soupy. So soupy that as he eats it he ends up making slurping sounds... kinda like a pig. But whatever. At least he's eating...

Week 1

Week 6

Week 1

Week 6

I guess there is nothing to do except keeping pouring the feed to him. I'm considering taking the feedings from twice a day (very convenient) to 3 times a day (very inconvenient). I have no idea if that would actually make a difference, but at this point I'm kinda out of other options. In a few more weeks I'll have the vet out again and do one more blood and fecal panel to make sure that everything is still in the normal range. 

But I must admit I am very frustrated by the lack of improvement. Plus, even though the vet has told me to put him back in light work I feel bad riding him when he's a body condition score of maybe 3. He should be a 5 to 5.5. 

ARG!! Stoopid horse...

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