Thursday, August 5, 2010

The unwritten rule of smiley faces...

Yup, that right. There is an unwritten rule for the proper use and application of smiley faces when using chat or text.

I know... I had no idea either.

Apparently, if you are (as Mount puts it) a 40+ person of the male-type species, not only is it inappropriate to use smiley faces in a chat conversation but there might actually be jail time attached to such an offense... but I'm not quite certain about that (check with your local law enforcement agency).

I had no idea. But then again, I am neither 40+ nor male... so I guess I didn't get the memo.

Yes, yes... I am on the downhill slide to 40, but I'm not there quite yet. Yet.

The same goes for LOL. One of my favorite terms to use while chatting. And I don't just throw it out there at random. I am laughing out loud and want to share my joy and mirth with the person I am chatting with... is this wrong?

And what other unwritten chat rules do I not know about? I could be breaking the law every night and not know it... oh the horror!!

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