Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Does not play well with others...

No, no, no. Not me... Daisy.

Well, you're always blogging about the other dog. What about me?

Daisy, it's hard to get pictures of you because you're always so far away...
See? Too far... We can hardly see you.

Well, is this better?

That's a little too close...

What about this?

Or this? This is my good side as you can plainly see.
Except your crappy photo makes it look like I have a foot sprouting from my chin...
Not your best work, mom.

As you know, when we go to the beach all Noelle wants to do is chase the ball. Daisy, on the other hand has made it her mission to make this as difficult as possible for Noelle. Every time Noelle takes off after the ball, Daisy chases her down and tackles her...

Run fat, white dog so I may tackle you...

I will get you!! Come back here...

Mom, Daisy is annoying. Can't you make her go away?

Fine. I'm just going to lay on the ball then...

The funny thing is that Daisy doesn't really want the ball. In fact, she could care less about it. She just wants to tackle Noelle while she's trying to retrieve it. Silly dog...

However, when it's all said and done they still love each other.

Mom, Daisy's touching me. Am not. Are too. Am not...

Ah, family bliss at the beach. Gotta love it...


  1. So much like my dogs. Only if we had a beach, one dog would be in the water, one on the beach, and the other I wouldn't be able to get out of the car :)

  2. Yeah, we love the beach!! So glad it's only 2 blocks away. Definitely a major plus on the "pro" side of things :)

  3. I am the only person who has a lab who doesnt like any water except his kiddie pool! HA!
    Oh yes, want to come to Wisconsin to help me stack about 600 bales of hay into my barn, girl??!! Happiness is a barn full of hay!
    I will probably need about 500 more to get through the winter! Love your blog!
    PS no good men here in Wisconsin either. hmmm.

  4. Holy cow, Jenny... How many hoofed beasties are you supporting?

  5. Hey SP!
    I actually run a small horse rescue in Wisconsin, since 2007. I got your name from the Fugly blog. I read that one everyday but i dont post there. But i do like reading her blogs and the drama that goes on there! Teehee!
    Right now i have 12 horses- 1 boarding, 3 of my own and 8 rescues! Love them all. I am not real good about updating my website, but here it is- www.2ndchancehorserescue.org
    Please dont submit me to Fugly!! HA! No, not worried about that, but would rather not post on there just in case! I do most of it myself and have learned alot on how to do things from her blog and others as well. We all live and learn dont we? But i love what i do - live from paycheck to paycheck most times, have 2 jobs, get little donations, have wonderful friends who volunteer with me, that kind of thing!