Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday was a strange kind of day.

There were no bells. No whistles. No fan-fare of any kind... The one thing I wanted to do (get a pedicure) I wasn't able to do because the salon, for the first time since I've lived here, was actually busy.

I briefly chatted with most of my family. Some sent texts or well-wishes on facebook. Bff called after a very busy day to chat with me for a bit. My plans to do a little dancing at the casino fell through. But Hilt, Wheel and Engineer kept me busy by text or yahoo chat for a while through the evening. Ally and Howie had me over for dinner and a little celebratory champagne.

And I made up a new word in honor of the day... Piratical: characteristic of a pirate.

What surprised me the most was who I didn't hear from... one had an excuse. One didn't.

I knew I wouldn't hear from Farmer because he sent me a text on Friday letting me know he was going off grid to hunt. However, it would have been nice to hear a "happy birthday" from him before he left. But after last weekend, the fact that he's even speaking to me is a good enough gift for me.

Wulfe, on the other hand, is another story. He knew I was feeling a little melancholy about my impending birthday because it seemed that everyone was either busy or unavailable. And he is like I am... he gets very sad when he feels he has been forgotten on the special occasions. And yet, no phone call. No text. No message on facebook. He's supposed to be a good friend. Someone who cares about my feelings. Instead, when I sent him a text at 9pm saying it was pretty crappy of him to forget my birthday, instead of immediately picking up the phone and calling he sent me this text back: Sorry. Was really busy today and forgot. Happy Birthday.

Really. That's all you've got? I'm pretty sure I don't need friends like you. Period.

The sad thing is this... he and I are very similar, so I know he knows what a crappy thing that was to do. And he still didn't care. Kind of like with ex-hub, I wasn't important enough to make an effort.

Time to cut the deadwood dragging me down...

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