Monday, October 18, 2010

"No" really does mean... NO!!

This happened a little while ago, but still a funny story so I thought I would share it with you...

As you know, I'm on an internet dating site. Originally all I had on the "about me" section was that I had critters, lived at the beach and liked doing stuff outside (well, it was a little more in-depth than that, but you get the general idea). After the following to idiots contacted me, I had to get way more detailed about things...

Idiot #1 - His message to me:
So I see that you're a Libra which means you'll be having a birthday soon. How about I send you a vibrator for your birthday?

I'd like to say that I am making that up. Sadly, I am not...

Obviously I didn't respond. And then I had to block that particular user because he wouldn't leave me alone. Sheesh... some men just can't take a hint. You'd think a no response would get the point across...

Idiot #2 - His message to me:
Hey, I see you live at the coast. Do you have a spare bedroom (or maybe your bedroom, haha) that I can crash in? I'll be there from XX to XX.

Um, wow. You seriously are too cheap (or too poor) to get your own damn hotel/motel room? I'm pretty sure if that's the case then you're not someone I really want to know anyway.

And he wasn't alone. I've gotten several messages that essentially say the same thing. And this isn't like someone I've been chatting with for a while. This is on first contact. Are you serious? 

I suppose one of the hazards of living in a destination area...


  1. Hi! Just clicked through from WWHM.

    I'm told that a legendary ne'er-do-well friend of a friend by the name of Kelly, at the time in his early 20s and a suave charmer of the ladies, decided that 90% of what went on at parties, all the complicated social swirl, was just to decide who'd be going home with whom. He had the bright idea of cutting through all the BS, so he just walked up to each woman in turn and said, "So are we going to fuck tonight or what?" The fourth one, perhaps appropriately, broke his nose.

    So when I hear about guys acting like your correspondents, I always think of Kelly. Of course, I think the ones you're dealing with aren't likely to be in the grip of his false satori. They've not even worked their way up to the level where they could see the complexity, let alone see through it.

    What I always wonder about them: Has this ever worked for them? Are they like spawning salmon encountering a dam, eternally throwing themselves against a wall because that's all they can think of?

    Or, worse, does this approach work often enough for them that they've never needed to up their game? Are they the junk mail of the dating world, where they take a 1% success rate as confirmation of their obvious awesomeness? That's the one that scares me, for all sorts of reasons.

  2. Welcome to the blog :) I wish Weasel was still posting... oh well.

    That is a funny story, and I also wonder about the nature of such an approach. My feeling is that your idea of the 1% success rate is right on target... *sigh* Thank goodness they make a block function on the particular site I use LOL