Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wait!! Sleep, come back...

That's right...

Sleep has deserted me once again. So rude!!

And all because of Flash... yet again.

Who me? I'm innocent...

Farmer and I had a long discussion about my problem child last night. He was just trying to understand what the problem was so he could work the problem. Yeah, been there... 

The problem is that I have no real idea what the problem is, per se. The vet took three blood draws, all with the same results... everything was normal. Then why is my stoopid equine dropping weight still? Yeah, got no idea... test results are fine.

The vet finally decided that he was insulin resistant because what else could it be? However, Flash does not fit the profile of an insulin resistant equine. He's not overweight, he doesn't have fat pockets and he definitely doesn't have a voracious appetite. 

Farmer is confused. Yeah, me too buddy... me too.

But, of course, I thought that insulin resistance might be a small contributing factor, but I more so thought that the problem was his pasture mate, Bella. She's a pig. Flash is not. I was thinking that once Flash got out on pasture and was able to eat at his leisure 24/7 that the problem would fix itself. 

However, that does not seem to be the case...

Farmer has now pulled him out and put him in a separate pen and is giving him free-choice hay (a mixture of alfalfa and grass) with a mineral tub, in case there are some minerals he's not getting. Now all we can do is sit and wait. Not my strong suit... as you know.

Maybe this is the universe's way of teaching me patience? If so, it's a sucky way to do it. Teach me some other way and just leave my poor horse out of it...


  1. Kind of random, but I always think of it when I read about your Flash; have you ever thought of enteroliths? It's a mineral buildup that causes a rock to grow inside the intestine. The harm that it usually causes is colic, which isn't the case here, but it's just a thought. I know it's just one more thing that costs money, but an abdominal x-ray can tell you if there's anything there.

  2. I will definitely keep it in mind if he doesn't start to show improvement... Thanks!!

  3. Good luck! Hopefully he'll be fat & happy in no time. ;-)