Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oregon vs. California...

I have a friend. He's from California (which I try not to hold against him). He lives in Eugene (hippy central). And he's opinionated... shocking, I know.

His latest opinion is to comment on the difference between women in California and women in Oregon (Eugene, specifically).

California: Won't step foot outside without hair done, make-up on and dressed to the nines.

Oregon: Going outside in slippers, PJ's, hair not combed and no make-up is totally status-quo.

Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle. Every morning I get up, put on my sweats, walk the dogs, feed the horses and then get ready for work... which consists of putting on jeans, a hoody and flip-flops. No make-up. I do usually curl my hair unless it's going to rain all day, then I don't bother.

I have been know to go to the store in my sweats and muddy/crap encrusted barn boots. But, hell, the store is on the way, so why not? Do I really need to go home and get all gussied up just to pick up some groceries? I think not.

And although I've been told that I do clean up well (and will do so if it is warranted), I'm just fine hanging out in my "coastal" uniform. My closet is full of jeans and hoodys... just the way I like it.

My opinion? If the California style of woman is what you're looking for, then go back to California. I promise, we won't miss you...


  1. Not all California girls fit that description! I'm with you... Somewhere in the middle.

    I live in Sacramento and wear boots and jeans everywhere I go. People literally stare at me when I'm out and about, especially when I'm wearing my buckle, too. It's just not something you see in the middle of a city, I suppose.

    A firetruck drove past me the other day while I was walking down the street; the cowgirl was checkin' out the firemen and the firemen were checkin' out the cowgirl. ;-)

  2. You should have roped yourself one of those up!! Cute fireman = goodness ;)

  3. I was set up with a fireman once... My coworker was married to his coworker. The other wives couldn't figure out why he was still single, being a nice guy and a hot fireman and all. It's because he was a bible thumper (I'm a Christian NOT a bible thumper!)who thought that women should be barefoot and pregnant and not have their own thoughts. No thanks!

  4. Um, yeah... thanks but no thanks!! LOL

    That guy sounds like a douchenozzle... and I'm becoming an expert on those :)

  5. Sadly, me too. It comes with the "30 something and single" territory.

  6. I love this conversation, LOL! Yeah, there's an idea for you, Shar, a hunky, non-bible thumping fireman~!

  7. Wendy, I think hunky, non-bible thumping firemen are like unicorns... they just don't exist ;)

  8. When I worked at the lodge in Kings Canyon NP I saw a significant difference between Central Coast and Northern California guests and the Southern California guests. The SoCal guests very much fit into your friends stereotype. They were in the woods yet considered it a fashion show every day. Though the San Diego crowd was a little more relaxed than the LA crowd. On the flip side, the Central Coast and Northern Cal (mostly Bay Area) crowd was more relaxed. To to a Ashland/Eugene super hairy relaxed level but certainly to a Portland or Seattle level.

  9. Ashland/Eugene is it's own culture. I'm relaxed, but not that relaxed LOL I still consider personal hygiene a must...