Friday, October 8, 2010

WTF - the annoying edition...

Welcome to WTF - the annoying edition... a collection of crap that really annoys the poo out of me.

You mean like people who won't throw the ball when I want?
That annoys the poo out of me...

First up: People who don't tip well. 

This is probably my biggest annoyance. Being an ex-bartender, I know firsthand how hard these people work for their money. Now let me just throw in this caveat: if the joint isn't hoppin' and you still get crappy service, by all means tip the 5% or 10% they might have earned. However, if you can see that your server (of drinks, food or whatever) is working their butt off, you'd best tip well. And I'm not talking 15%... I'm talking at least 20%. And if you can afford the meal but not the tip, then you can't afford the meal either. That's just part and parcel of the price. Budget for it and don't be one of those people... it's really annoying.

Second: People who think that the whole road was made just for them.

Listen up, road hogs. There is a reason why those yellow lines exist. You stay on your side. I stay on mine... no one gets hurt or killed. Simple as that. Why these people can't figure that simple concept out is beyond me. Semi drivers seem to be the worst offenders. Maybe because they are the biggest thing on the road? Either way, not cool... not only that, it makes it look like you can't drive for shit. I mean you are professional drivers, right? Act like it...

Third: Fog lights.

I know a lot of drivers have a hard time grasping this concept, so I'm going to really dumb it down for you. Fog lights are made for... you guessed it, fog. Fog lights are not made for you to drive around with on 24/7 because you are too lazy to turn your brights on and off as traffic passes. From now on, when I see you asshats driving around with your fog lights on I will be turning on my brights and leaving them on. You have been warned... 

Lastly (at least as far as this blog is concerned): Men who don't understand what courtship and dating are all about.

There seem to be a lot of men out there that have had it way too easy for far too long. They think that after one meal and a little flirtation that I should just be enamored with them and automatically fall into bed with them. Newsflash: not happening. And even after being very upfront about this, I still am surprised when they are shocked that I'm not going to sleep with them after a date or two. I'm going old-school people... courtship and dating are sexy. Sex is not the end goal... a good relationship with someone is. And no matter how much you whine and beg, you're not even going to know the location of my abode until I know you... well.

Whatever... just throw the ball. Kthx.

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