Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is quality really that hard to find?

Dating sucks. Those of you who are single are probably already aware of this. For those of you that are married or in a good relationship, count yourself lucky. For those of you that have just given up, can't really blame you...

As of Thursday, this weekend was shaping up to be a decent one. I had been chatting with a guy not too far from me that (I thought) showed promise. We have things in common, he seemed interesting and intelligent, and he seemed excited to meet up. All good things...

We had plans to meet at 5pm on Friday night... at around 4pm he asked if it could be later since he wasn't off work yet. I said sure. At around 5pm he then informed me that he couldn't make it (no reason given at that point) and could we reschedule for the following day. I said sure, but that he'd have to meet me where I was at. No problem. We set it up for around 2pm on Saturday.

Later that night he texted me again to let me know what had happened. He had been working on a furnace and it had back-blown lime onto his face and head. He let me know he had been to the ER but that he was fine and was looking forward to Saturday.

Saturday morning, I texted him to see how he was doing. He said he was in pain and didn't get much sleep. I asked if he wanted to postpone until he was feeling better, but got no response. At around 1:30pm I texted him again to see if we were still on for 2pm. I got no response.

2pm came and went. I went about my day and did other things. At around 9pm last night I hear from him that he went back to the ER and got some Percocet for the pain. That stuff is nasty and I understand why I didn't hear from him... however, no apology (could've been because of the drugs) and then he dropped off mid-conversation again.

In the meantime, Jonesie had called me to get together. I figured since I hadn't heard from the other one, what the hell (this is still Saturday). Then Jonesie informs me that he wants me to drive the hour to his house and to help him work on his place.

Um, excuse me? This would be, like, our 4th date... When I suggested that he work on his house and then we get together after that, he got a little pissy. Which, in turn, just pissed me off. It's the 4th date. It's not like we have spent a lot of time together. This is still the "honeymoon" phase, supposedly. And if you act like that now, what will you be like later when you're not on your best behavior? Sheesh...

Bff thought he was a douchenozzle. I'm going to have to agree.

Then this morning, I heard from the other one again saying he was sorry that he dropped off mid-conversation last night. I asked if he was still interested in getting together and he said definitely and then I didn't hear anything after that. Um, ok. So you do want to meet but you don't make any type of plan? I don't get it... 

What happened to dating? Did I miss something while I was married? I mean, perhaps there was a memo that went out explaining how this type of behavior is considered appropriate? If so, I missed it.

I am meeting up with someone tonight that I find interesting, but even there I have serious reservations, if for different reasons. It seems I just can't find what it is I want... a decent guy without a poo-load of baggage and decent manners. Is that too much to ask?


  1. i have some advice.. stop texting and get on the phone. that way, if he drops off mid conversation, you'll know he's passed out and you should call 911. texting and chatting online is a horrible way to get to know someone. -boots